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The Plan

2016 Program Lineup

11:00am: Brunch Set - Ripley

11:30am: Welcome and Opening Prayer - BAAITS

11:50am: Fleetwood Macrame

12:40pm: DJ China G

1:20pm: Singing Bois

2:15pm: Vixen Noir

2:45pm: KINGDOM

3:35pm: Nikki Borodi

4:00pm: DeeJay Andre

4:40pm: DJ Denise

5:10pm: Orlando, Why We March and March Details - Dyke March Commitee Members

5:30pm: Sistah Boom

6:00pm: March Begins

And MCs Vixen Noir and Sherry Glaser to lead us through!

Motorcyle Contingent 

If you would like to join the motorcycle contingent that leads the march, park your bike along Dolores between 17th and 18th.


At 5:30ish,  the contingent will head down Dolores towards 17th, take a left on 17th, a left on Church, and a left on 18th. Stopping at the corner of Dolores and 18th to officially start the March.


At the end of the march, we'll ride into the Castro. There is no official parking secured in the Castro, so you are welcome to find parking or go where you would like afterwards. The streets at Dolores are closed until 9 PM so you may return to park there. 

Thanks for starting the March off strong!

The Dyke March will take place on Saturday, June 25th at 6:00 PM from 18th & Dolores.

Rally programming will begin at 11:00 AM from our stage in Dolores Park on that Saturday.


Download all of the plan info in our 1-pager PDF. 

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