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The Plan

The Dyke March will take place on Saturday, June 25th at 6:00 PM from 18th & Dolores.

Rally programming will begin at 11:00 AM from our stage in Dolores Park on that Saturday. 

2016 Program Lineup

11:00am: Brunch Set - DJ Ripley

11:30am: Welcome and Opening Prayer - BAAITS

11:50am: Fleetwood Macrame

12:40pm: DJ China

1:20pm: Singing Bois

2:15pm: Vixen Noir

2:45pm: KINGDOM

3:35pm: Nikki Brody

4:00pm: DJ Andre

4:40pm: DJ Denise

5:10pm: Why We March and March Details - Dyke March Commitee Members

5:30pm: Sistah Boom

6:00pm: March Begins

Nikki Borodi is a local Bay Area musician, acrobat and yoga teacher. She believes in inspiring people to move past their fears and explore what wakes up their hearts. In her work she is known for her unique vocal stylings and ability to sing while playing ukulele and doing acrobatics simultaneously. She is grateful to be sharing her art at Dyke March 2016 and performing amongst her fellow queers. Get ready drop your jaws as her acrobatic partner for this show Kathy Gade juggles Nikki on her feet! 

Nikki Brody
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