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The Plan

The Dyke March will take place on Saturday, June 25th at 6:00 PM from 18th & Dolores.

Rally programming will begin at 11:00 AM from our stage in Dolores Park on that Saturday. 

2016 Program Lineup

11:00am: Brunch Set - DJ Ripley

11:30am: Welcome and Opening Prayer - BAAITS

11:50am: Fleetwood Macrame

12:40pm: DJ China

1:20pm: Singing Bois

2:15pm: Vixen Noir

2:45pm: KINGDOM

3:35pm: Nikki Brody

4:00pm: DJ Andre

4:40pm: DJ Denise

5:10pm: Why We March and March Details - Dyke March Commitee Members

5:30pm: Sistah Boom

6:00pm: March Begins

Ripley is a queer af Bay Area dj with a propensity for wobbly basslines, mildly ominous deep space jamz, and anything in between that makes you wanna bop, groove, and get a lil weird. When not on the hunt for a new favorite track, Ripley works at a literacy-oriented nonprofit and volunteers with the SF Dyke March Committee. She is excited to be producing a monthly Dyke March tea dance at Beauty Bar, which premiers in July! 

Check out her Soundcloud here.

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