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The Plan

The Dyke March will take place on Saturday, June 25th at 6:00 PM from 18th & Dolores.

Rally programming will begin at 11:00 AM from our stage in Dolores Park on that Saturday. 

2016 Program Lineup

11:00am: Brunch Set - DJ Ripley

11:30am: Welcome and Opening Prayer - BAAITS

11:50am: Fleetwood Macrame

12:40pm: DJ China

1:20pm: Singing Bois

2:15pm: Vixen Noir

2:45pm: KINGDOM

3:35pm: Nikki Brody

4:00pm: DJ Andre

4:40pm: DJ Denise

5:10pm: Why We March and March Details - Dyke March Commitee Members

5:30pm: Sistah Boom

6:00pm: March Begins

Fleetwood Macrame is quickly becoming the Bay Area's most exciting tribute band. What began as a simple exercise in fun has turned into an awe inspiring live experience complete with show stopping renditions of Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits. Audience participation is encouraged, and bay area crowds are coming in droves to sing along with Fleetwood Macrame. Only part of Macrame is performing at Dyke March – two key members Marcos Saenz and Gregg Marks will not be performing and in their place, for a special all dyke version of Macrame,  are the incredible Shelley Doty (a past member of the band) and Squeak. 


Linda Moody (aka Stevie Nicks) is also the singer/guitarist of Excuses For Skipping, an all female post punk band based in San Francisco, Ca. She is also known to play a mean Joni Mitchell and writes her own neo folk songs drenched in vivid imagery, sweet falsetto vocals and dark guitar tunings.


Dillbilly (aka Christine McVie) is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who performs under the name, Dillbilly.


Jai Bird (aka Mick Fleetwood) has been playing drums ever since she was a kid in Austin, Texas. After moving to San Francisco, she has played in many bands including The Patsychords (A Tribute To Patsy Cline).


Shelley Doty (aka Lindsay Buckingham) rules on both acoustic and electric guitar, she also sings with fluid grace and writes songs filled with swagger, tenderness, and joy. Her projects include the Shelley Doty X-tet, Sistas in the Pit and Skip The Needle, and co-writing and performing music for the animated science fiction film Strange Frame: Love and Sax. 


Squeak (aka John McVie) hales from Oakland via New Orleans and Bogata.  She is a sound engineer who plays a mean bass and composes music collaboratively under the name Squeaky Music. 

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