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The organizing committee is a crew of community-oriented dykes who come together from varying backgrounds for the San Francisco Dyke March. We are grateful for the work of the founders of the San Francisco Dyke March (the Original Girls) over its first 13 years, for their continued guidance and for the foundation they laid. We are femmes, butches, and otherwise-identified; dykes-of-color, dykes of mixed race, Jewish dykes, and white dykes; dykes of varying ages and classes. Some of us identify as queer, or as genderqueer.


We are dykes seeking to put our myriad of talents to use for our communities. This committee could not bring you each year's Dyke March without the help of dedicated volunteers, exceptional performers willing to donate their phenomenal talent at fundraisers and at the rally, small businesses (most of which are dyke- and woman-owned) donating services, and several grants. Thank you!

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