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The Role of Allies

We love our allies. 


But if you want to be a real ally, step aside.

Let us have this one day to celebrate our identities and honor the civil rights struggles that came before us and those yet to come.

This is not an excuse to have a party.

Dyke March is the one day out of the year where ALL trans and cis self-identified dykes can proclaim space, rights, visibility and respect.

We continue to hold the Dyke March as a self identified dyke-only space.  Please support us from the sidelines during our march back to Dolores Park.


We do invite our allies to rally with us in Dolores Park. However, given the work, money, time, energy, planning and permitting that goes into Dyke March each year, we ask our allies to not hold events in Dolores Park during Dyke March. 

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