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The Plan

The Dyke March will take place on Saturday, June 25th at 6:00 PM from 18th & Dolores.

Rally programming will begin at 11:00 AM from our stage in Dolores Park on that Saturday. 

2016 Program Lineup

11:00am: Brunch Set - DJ Ripley

11:30am: Welcome and Opening Prayer - BAAITS

11:50am: Fleetwood Macrame

12:40pm: DJ China

1:20pm: Singing Bois

2:15pm: Vixen Noir

2:45pm: KINGDOM

3:35pm: Nikki Brody

4:00pm: DJ Andre

4:40pm: DJ Denise

5:10pm: Why We March and March Details - Dyke March Commitee Members

5:30pm: Sistah Boom

6:00pm: March Begins

Vixen Noir is a singer, songwriter, recording artist and erotic performance artist who’s been wowing audiences from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia with her in-your-face, sexy-as-hell brand of entertainment since the early 90’s. She burst onto the music scene in 2013 with her debut single, Dangerous, and dropped her follow up single, Lusty Lady, in May 2014. In January 2015, she released her much-anticipated debut EP, DANGEROUS, to rave reviews. Vixen is the creator of BLACKESQUE: The QueEROTIC Music Tour, which had its West Coast premiere in June 2015. BLACKESQUE is the first and only music tour featuring Black Queer music and burlesque artists sharing the same stage. In addition to music and erotic performance, Vixen is also an accomplished dancer, spoken word artist, poetess, and director and producer of theatre and cabaret. Her performances are bold and unapologetic, and they inspire others

to tap into and revel in their own erotic power. She integrates her extensive dance and theatre background to create performances that range from sublime to raucous, raunchy to sensual, provocative to humble, and that are artistically compelling and visually stimulating. She is dedicated to using her artistry to build bridges across racial, social and economic divides and to inspire others to celebrate the diversity of gender and sexual expression. Vixen’s hot new single Tightrope drops July 2016! Wanna know more about Vixen Noir and download her music for free? Visit

Vixen Noir
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